Kojima and Keanu Reeves Could End Up Working Together in the Future

We Were So Close

A recent photo on Twitter has surfaced of famous game director Hideo Kojima and Keanu Reeves. This has, of course, sent the internet into an uproar. People have been speculating non stop that the two are going to be working together on a game. While rumors like this are usually utter nonsense, this might actually have some truth to it. Kojima has recently stated publicly that he would be open to working with the movie star.


Reeves has always been well known for his role in the Matrix series as well as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. However, the gaming community fell in love with Reeves after his appearances at this year’s E3. It was here where Reeves took center stage to hype up the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. The fans only went into a bigger frenzy when it was revealed that Reeves was going to play a role in the game. This is why Hideo Kojima wanting to work with Reeves is such a big deal.

Kojima’s up and coming game Death Stranding is filled to the brim with well-known actors. Their faces have also been rendered perfectly into the game too. It is not just their voices we will be hearing. If Reeves and Kojima ever do decide to work on something together, we should expect to see Keanu in his full glory. Not providing the voice for a character.

Mads Mikkelsen was actually given a role in Death Stranding, over Keanu Reaves. So it has been very close to happening before. Despite going with the other actor, Kojima stressed that he still values Reeves very much as an actor. He even said that some people on his team preferred him over Mikkelsen.

It looks like we’re going to get what we want eventually. Just not now.