You Can Now Try Out Steam’s New Library

Times Are a Changing 

The Steam interface has been the same since the dawn of time. Or at least since Steam came out. The point is that its old. Not that it is a bad thing. Steam has been on top of the PC world for almost two decades now for a reason. However, despite all of the success that has come with the formula that they have run with. Changes are going to be made to the look of the library.

Steam Summer Sale

If you want to participate in the beta you can do so easily. All you need to do is click that on the drop-down menu on Steam. From there you can see what the future of the platform is going to look like.

Keep in mind that this is still in beta so nothing is set in stone. But it should give users a rough idea of what to expect when this is finally made official. It looks like Valve is trying to streamline the library and take away some of the clutter that was present beforehand.

This change is most likely not going to go well with some of the longtime fans. Generally speaking, people don’t like switching things up. Especially when the changes being made seem like they’re unneeded and unnecessary.

The library now points players right to the games that they have recently been playing as well as feedback for those games. You can also choose a new feature which will give you in-depth information about any game in your library. So if you want to impress a date with your new-found knowledge of Left 4 Dead you can now do that much easier thanks to the new library.

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