Season 4 PUBG Trailer Adds the Element of Story

You Ever Wonder Why We’re Here?

When PUBG first started blowing up, I often wondered “Why would 100 people pack themselves into a plane, and then jump out only, to kill each other?” Well, now I have an answer, sort of? Thanks to the PUBG trailer for Season 4, some background to the circumstances of the game have been given some context. For the past few years, players have been content with the idea that you scavenge for weapons and items, and eliminate everyone else for Chicken Dinners. Now, there is a bit of information regarding what the Battle Grounds are.

PUBG Trailer

As with all post-apocalyptic scenarios, the history of PUBG starts with an earth-scorching war. In 1965, the island of Erangel was hit with a military attack that wiped out all of its inhabitants. The only survivor was an unnamed young boy, let’s call him Player Unknown. Player Unknown watches as his home is bombed and his people are hunted down. When the fighting stops he begins scavenging. He finds a wooden doll or toy and commits to survive on his own. Years go by and in the present day, the combatants we play as are being watched through cameras. An old man watches them through many screens as he holds a wooden doll, suggesting that it is Player Unknown, and these are his Battle Grounds.

Pretty early on, Fortnite began introducing pieces of narrative elements with each season. Recently, Black Ops 4 had shown signs of that as well with Operation Apocalypse Z. Now that PUBG is adding some story to their game, it suggests that people really do care about what is going on in these digital worlds. Still, the PUBG Corporation has not yet explained the narrative relevance of Chicken Dinners. PUBG Season 4 begins on PC on July 24th, and will launch on consoles later in the Summer.

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Source: YouTube