Blackout Map Changes Appear Teasing Operation Apocalypse Z

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Fortnite is pretty much the standard of battle royale that all BR games are trying to emulate, and for good reason. It’s a cash cow, it’s fun, and it appears to have longevity that others do not have. Epic Games has been telling a story with Fortnite’s battle royale map. Various items, locations, and Easter eggs pop up hinting at what is to come. Call of Duty has taken to that method of furthering Blackout’s narrative as well. Players have noticed Blackout map changes that are teasing the upcoming Operation Apocalypse Z.

Operation Apocalypse Z
Courtesy of Eurogamer

The images (found on Eurogamer) look like a scene from a zombie movie. A burned-out car crashed in a graveyard, garbage bags, shovels, blood splatter, and bloody claw marks and hand prints. The above image shows where the blood trail lead, into the corner of the mausoleum with a pair of hedge trimmers. People on Reddit have been forming their own story of what exactly happened there, like CSIs. What is clear is that this scene is meant to lead into the next update Operation Apocalypse Z which hits PS4 tomorrow.

Earlier today, Treyarch released a trailer for tomorrow’s new Operation. If the map changes in Blackout doesn’t get your imagination going enough to put together what’s coming, then this trailer will outline it pretty clearly for you. Apparently, it’s not just zombies that are coming. There are also giant robots to watch out for. Operation Apocalypse Z comes out tomorrow for PS4 and will follow on other platforms.

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Source: Eurogamer and YouTube