According to Rumors, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Release Date Has Been Leaked

So Many Leaks, So Little Time

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is set to have an official multilayer reveal on August 1st. Many are speculating that this is when fans will find out more information about the beta that has been promised. A beta release date among other details is what fans are hoping for on August 1st. However, it has apparently been leaked ahead of time.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The GamingRevolution, a Youtube channel that covers everything Call of Duty, has said that the release date of the Call of Duty beta is going to be August 20th for the PS4. Players on the Xbox One and the PC are apparently going to have to wait a week. Their beta starts on August 27th. The GamingRevolution has produced screenshots as evidence. The screenshots are allegedly a conversation with a perosn who is an insider within the Call of Duty Modern Warfare development team. This unnamed person is also someone who they claim regularly feeds them information about the game.

Both of those dates land on a Tuesday which is when most games launch, including betas. It would not be inconceivable if the beta did actually start in late August. The full game is scheduled to release on October 25th. This time between beta and official release date would give the developers enough time to tweak any issues that are unearthed by the beta.  The early access for PS4 players is understandable too. Call of Duty has an exclusivity deal with Sony.

These are of course only rumors. None of this is set in stone and it is impossible to confirm or deny these supposed “leaks”. Activision and Infinity Ward have said absolutely nothing on this topic and they probably never will. We will all just have to wait patiently for what’s in store on August 1st.