Google Stadia Receiving a Premiere Edition

Once Founder’s Edition Sells Out, Google Stadia Premiere Edition Launches

Google Stadia has announced that once the Limited Founder’s Edition of the console sells out, they’ll be releasing the Premiere Edition as people continue to pre-order the streaming platform. The console has sold out of the Limited Founder’s Edition in Europe, so Google will be rolling out the Premiere Editions there for pre-order shortly. The Premiere Edition includes the standard white Google Stadia controller rather than the Night Blue controller included with the Limited Founder’s Edition. Also included in the bundle are three months of subscription time to Stadia Pro and the Chromecast Ultra. The Premiere Edition will officially release in November and is available for pre-order now.

Google Stadia Premiere Edition

“I’m super proud to tell you that the Founders Edition for Stadia has sold out in Europe. We’ll be removing the Founders Edition from the Google Store page in EU countries today, but we’re going to replace it with a bundle that we are calling the Premiere Edition,” said Director for Games at Google, Jack Buser. This suggests that the bundle will be the same price as the Founder’s Edition as the Premiere Bundle replaces the listing. “We’re up to 40 games now that have been announced for the platform, with over 28 partners, which is amazing.”

Currently the Founders Edition is the only way to get both the Night Blue controller as well as the only way to actually secure a Google Stadia name for the online service. A Stadia Pro subscription beyond the three-month trial will cost $10 per month, giving gamers access to over 40 games that will stream in 4K quality on the Pro service while the free Stadia Base will only give gamers access to the shop and only streams at a resolution cap of 1080p.

We expect Google to unveil additional content for the Stadia Pro subscription as Playstation Plus and Xbox Live Gold both offer free games every month to further incentivize gamers to continue paying for their services. Were you one of the excited European gamers who quickly pre-ordered Google Stadia or are you someone in North America who’s more interested in the Founder’s Edition bundle after seeing the Premiere Edition? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech