Google Chrome Extensions Every Gamer Must Have

Nowadays, gaming is the most popular hobby among most people. The gaming community is expanding at a rapid pace. In recent years, many game developers have created web browser extensions that allow game users/players to launch games directly from their browsers and boost their gaming experience.

gaming picture

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten Google Chrome extensions for a pleasant gaming experience. They are pretty basic and simple to set up on your computer and mobile phone. Without further ado, let’s look at best gaming for Google Chrome.

1. JoyRack Games extension

JoyRack is an extension on Chrome that has tons of web games. With a simple click on the extension, you will be linked to a page that houses different genre of games ranging from puzzle games, action games, classic games, or even sport games.

2. Game Button extension

Game Button extension allows you to play countless games of several kinds. You can select from different genres such as driving, casino, action, card and gender-based games, etc. The game button toolbar gives access to Free Games website. It allows you to launch games directly from your browser without the stress of imputing a URL.

3. VeePN extension

One of the most useful tools, VPN is an amazing extension that will not only secure your data and improve your connection, but also unblock blocked games and websites. VeePN has a free trial and allows you to reach gaming websites that are inaccessible from your country. You can bypass firewalls imposed by your school or workplace authorities to restrict you from gaming.

4. OMGPOP (Online multiplayer Games) extension

This extension allows up to 16 free odd games to play directly from the extension button. It comes with a single player mode and a multiplayer mode to brace up your fun moments. This Chrome extension redirects to a game website which is well-designed with a good layout and easy to access user interface.

5. Avalanche extension

This is a game add-on that lets you use your keyboard’s arrow keys to assist the little nymph to avoid getting its head smashed by falling spikes. It’s considerably more fun to play games with this plugin because it includes background music. This game may appear to be more difficult to play than you may expect, but it is more enjoyable to play, especially when competing with other players on the leadership scoreboard.

6. McDonald’s Manager Game extension

The idea of this extension is to manage a company’s whole corporate phase, from acquiring cow pastures to managing a fast-food restaurant. This gaming activity is designed to simulate McDonald’s alleged method of operation. The main goal, as always, is to accumulate virtual money.

7. Snake extension

With a snake game extension, you can choose from different difficulty levels to suit your preference. It allows users with the option of using the arrows keys to move the snake around to guzzle the block. You are covered with an auto back-up when you close the game window.

8. Chrome Minesweeper extension

In addition to advance graphics, this game extension allows you to play classic games in small, medium, and large sizes. You can also choose to pause the game while playing. This extension may become in hand for multitaskers.

9. Ping-Pong 3D extension

For Ping-pong 3D, you can play this game by moving the racket with an extra caution in order to strike the ball. This extension also offers an option to play online table tennis game.  Just as a conventional table tennis game, you will need to be careful when moving the bat so as not to miss the ball.

10. Mini Golf extension

With Mini Golf game browser extension, you can play the game with the left button of your mouse. With the help of your gaming mouse, you can also run up scores that are equivalence for the course.

11. Little Alchemy extension

Little Alchemy is yet another web-based game that you can install on your Google Chrome browser. Some may say it is legendary. You can launch the game with the combination of earth, air, and water. Subsequently, you can combine them together to search for three items, including unicorns, dinosaurs, and spaceships. Thereafter, you can now mix other items to find other objects, and so on. In a simpler way, combine two or more items to create another one, and following that, a new object will be enlisted, and the process goes on.

12. Twitch preview extension

Twitch is one of the most common sites where people can stream games most time. Yet, the only drawback of this site is that it doesn’t show a live preview of the video. Although it grants users access to check what others are streaming without launching or playing the video. It is possible to get both image and video previews with the use of this extension. It is a good tool got professional streamers.

13. KMineSweeper

If you’re looking for an old but yet interesting game, KMineSweeper is surely a good plug. Even though it might seem cool to play this game, there is a need to be conversant with web-based games. You need to get on the blocks that don’t have any excavation in order to complete a level and repeat similar process to finish the game.

14. Tank Riders

Tank Rider is one of the best strategy and action-based game you’ll ever come across on your browser. It is a web-based extension game that involves shooting tanks to accomplish a mission. You can move to another level by completing a required task or mission in your current level. The game becomes more difficult as you advance to a higher level.

15. Treasure Arena

In this game, up to four friends can combat each other in a grudge match that looks like the old-school arcade games. Every stage is besieged with monsters that you and your friends must eradicate together at the same time competing to gather the most coins. As far as Google Chrome extension games are concerned, this is one of the most fully recognized.