Back 4 Blood Shows Off First DLC, Tunnels of Terror, With New Trailer

Time to Rid Some New Ridden 

Two new cleaners. Three new types of Ridden. And infested tunnels to clear out. Today Turtle Rock Studios reveals the launch trailer for the first DLC of their co-op zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood. The DLC, titled Tunnels of Terror, is bringing a host of new content to the game including characters, weapons, a mission type, and more. Of course, the trailer will give players a glimpse of all that entering the Tunnels of Terror will bring. 

Back 4 Blood, Tunnels of Terror, is taking slaying Ridden to a new depth. Literally. The DLC is introducing two new cleaners to the game. Firstly, the defensive axe-wielding firefighter Sharice. Secondly, the former chef Heng who is ready to slice and dice Ridden with his knife. However, the cleaners aren’t the only ones with some additions to their roster. 

The trailer for Tunnels of Terror is also introducing players to three new Ridden types, known as Warped Ridden. Players will need to learn their way around these deadly new foes. From the mine-laying Urchins, to the horrifying Shredders, and extremely damaging Rippers. Each of these new Ridden will pose a threat to even the most prepared of cleaners. Additionally, each of these new Ridden will be available in PVP  swarm mode. 

In addition to the new characters Tunnels of Terror is bringing more. For example the DLC will include seven new legendary weapons, eight new survivor skins, new weapon skins and more. Additionally, the DLC brings a new difficulty to the game: No Hope. 

Tunnels of Terror is releasing on April 12th, 2022. Importantly, all the content in Tunnels of Terror will be available to party members if one player has purchased the content. So, are you ready to delve into the tunnels and take on what awaits you? Good Luck. 

SOURCE: Press Release