Google VP Talks Stadia And Exclusive Games

How Will This Affect The Endless Console Wars?

Stadia is set to either be the next evolution in video games or a colossal failure. Sadly, we just don’t know enough to say either way yet. One detail the Google VP was willing to recently discuss was exclusives. Will Stadia add one more front to the console wars?

Google VP Stadia

According to Google VP Phil Harrison, we won’t be seeing that many exclusives on Stadia. If Google themselves make a game, it will be Stadia-only, but otherwise that’s not their focus. Harrison stated that this new platform is more about games “that are built specifically for a data center.” The team at Google is looking to change how people play games, more than anything else.

Of course, this still leaves a ton of questions unanswered. How much is this service going to cost? How amazing will your internet need to be for it to work? How much data is going to get eaten up every time you play a game? Only time will tell whether this ends up being ‘search engine’ Google or like, ‘glasses’ Google.