Sony Has a “10-Year” Plan for Dreams, Says Shuhei Yoshida

Sony Is Making a Big Commitment to Dreams

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida said in a recent interview that Sony has “a 10-year vision” for Media Molecule’s Dreams. According to Yoshida, this vision involves growing the game alongside the community.


With the PS5 possibly launching in 2020, it is possible that this “10-year vision” could include Sony’s next-gen console (which is going to be backwards compatible with PS4).

Yoshida also called Dreams “one of my favorite projects ever” and praised the community’s creativity. Several players have been able to make unique creations such as a remake of Metal Gear Solid’s intro segment and a Crash Bandicoot level.

According to Yoshida, Sony is “super focused” on speaking with level creators in order to gather feedback for Dreams’ creation tools. Presumably, this feedback will factor into the full game’s release. Media Molecule’s latest title launched in early access back in April but currently doesn’t have a release date.

What do you make of this news? Does this “10-year vision” for the game sound exciting to you? If you’ve played the early access version then what’s your opinion of Dreams so far? Go ahead and speak your mind in the comments section below.

SOURCE (5:30 video mark)