Neo Cab Launches on Steam, Switch, and Mac in October

Neo Cab Will Take You for a Ride Next Month

Cyberpunk taxi adventure Neo Cab hits PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch on October 3rd. News of the game’s release date came with a story trailer that also showcased some gameplay.

On PC & Mac, the game costs $14.99 USD while on Switch it’ll cost $19.99 USD.

Players will drive around a futuristic city as Lina, one of the few human cab drivers who are still able to get work in a city that’s mostly controlled by advanced A.I. Throughout her adventure, players will need to carefully consider Lina’s choices since Neo Cab has a branching storyline.

Along with having to drive around a variety of chatty, paying passengers, Lina will also need to worry about her driver ratings and fret over how her passengers feel about her.

Neo Cab

On top of all this, Lina is also on the look out for her friend, Savy. However, it seems like her search is going to be complicated since Savy is wanted by the city’s robocops.

Source: Press release