Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Being Created with Dreams

This Unofficial Metal Gear Solid Remake Looks Neat

A Dreams player is creating his own Metal Gear Solid remake and he’s currently looking for help with the unofficial remake’s development. The player, whose YouTube channel is called “Bearly Regal”, uploaded a video on Sunday that showed some brief “pre-alpha” gameplay of the fan remake and it can be viewed below.

In the video, Bearly Regal explained his development process and revealed how far along his remake is. According to the YouTuber, while several other people have reached out to him to help out with the project, he’s still asking for more help.

“This is an official call-to-arms, [it’s] my invitation from me to you,” he said, “if you play Dreams on PS4 and want to join me on my crusade of remaking Metal Gear Solid for this generation then please get in touch.”

Metal Gear Solid
The original Metal Gear Solid

Bearly Regal gave no release date or window for this fan project in the video but it certainly sounds like it’ll take a while until it’s complete. That said, there’s also the possibility of Konami shutting down the project before it’s finished like with what happened with the fan remake of P.T.

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