Media Molecule’s Dreams Enters Early Access This Spring

Not on Steam

No, Dreams did not become a PC game, but it’s entering early access all the same. The devs decided the heck with the wait and wanted to make their creative platform available to as many people as possible, as early as possible. Therefore, they’ve decided to release a beta version of Dreams this Spring.

Dream train jam 2018

The game’s release window came with heartfelt thanks, over on the PlayStation Blog. In January, members of Media Molecule’s mailing list got a shot at Dreams during the beta. Essentially, all the tools we saw in the beta are the features that will be available in the Early Access version. As we speak, the studio from Guilford, U.K. is hard at work to perfect the game. Yes, everything worked well in the beta, but certain features can stand to see some improvement before the final release.

With all that said, here’s what PS4 players can expect from the Early Access version of Dreams.

“Early Access won’t have everything that the full version of Dreams will, but you’ll get 100% of the same Dreams tools that we have used every day at MM to make our content,” wrote  Studio Director, Media Molecule. “As well as fun, deep interactive tutorials catering for all skill sets and levels and Mm-crafted arcade games ready to play and remix. If you joined us during the beta period and published your assets, you’ll also have your beta creations to return to. Along the way, we’ll be adding more features, tutorials, arcade levels and assets during the Early Access period as we build towards the full slate of launch content.”

Early Access will also give the PlayStation community its chance to promote Dreams to those who are unaware of its schemes. Given what we’ve been told about its many tools and features, a lengthy showcase between Spring and launch could bring more newcomers into the worlds of Media Molecule. The time frame will also give devs the chance to hear feedback and improve the game further. In many ways, it will be a live service, and that live service starts at  $29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD.

Check back for updates on the exact release date and gameplay as time goes by.

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SOURCE: PlayStation