Ubisoft Explains Why They’re Strong Supporters of Stadia

Ubisoft’s Alain Corre Believes in the Power of Streaming Games

During a statement in the most recent issue of MCV, Executive Director of Ubisoft, Alain Corre expressed the company’s enthusiasm for Google Stadia. The company is releasing most of their recent titles on Google Stadia with six titles set to be available on Google Stadia’s launch in November. Alain Corre expresses two primary interests in Stadia: expanding Ubisoft’s install base to a new generation of gamers and the potential of using the hardware capabilities of cloud gaming to deliver Triple-A experiences.


During Alain Corre’s statement, he reminds gamers that many people don’t want physical games or even a physical machine and Google Stadia is supposed to bridge the gap that’s disconnecting these people from the gaming industry. “So streaming will give us two things: First is the possibility to create different games. With the capacities of the servers in the cloud, we’ll be able to bring a new generation of games in a few years. The servers will help our creators to put more AI into games, more characters, more NPC’s,” said Alain Corre. This suggests Ubisoft is looking into new ways to innovate using the cloud technology to change gameplay. Secondly, “streaming will appeal to some people in some countries that have never been able to consume games before. So I think the combination of the two will grow the market and we very much like this idea.”

Ubisoft’s primary interest in Google Stadia is giving consumers more options and overcoming the tradition of getting hardware and physical media to play games. It’s clear that Alain Corre is enthusiastic about the potential for Google Stadia and as consumers, we’re thankful that they’re thinking of ways to innovate specifically for the platform. “We believe that this streaming technology will grow, it’s the real start of streaming technology for games this year.”

Are you a gamer who has a pre-order on the Google Stadia? What’s your favorite Ubisoft title that’s confirmed for the platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech