Ubisoft Is Bringing a “Broader Evolution” to What Hacking Means in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Expands Its Hacking Capabilities from Previous Titles

Whether you’ve been a fan of the Watch Dogs franchise since its inception or you’ve just recently discovered it, the series is centered around the idea of hacking. While Watch Dogs 2 improved on the core gameplay mechanic found within the first title, Watch Dogs: Legion looks to broaden its evolution even more.

watch dogs legion

That’s right, Watch Dogs: Legion is going to expand on the hacking mechanic even further. According to the Art Director of Watch Dogs: Legion, Josh Cook, hacking is being brought to new heights and will be more evolved than what we’ve previously seen. In a recent Q&A on Reddit, Cook had this to say about the hacking feature, “Hacking is one of the essential pillars of the franchise, of the brand. Watch Dogs: Legion is the evolution of the foundations of the things we’ve built on in the past. The idea from the first game, of profiling people, seeing their information. Now you’re starting to hack into those people’s lives. Better social engineering, social manipulation. You’re reaching out to these people, they’re asking you for favours, you’re manipulating their circumstances within the world.”

And we’ve seen just this in all of the gameplay and cinematic trailers that have been released for the upcoming third title in the Watch Dogs franchise through brand new technology and abilities. Josh Cook discussed the actual evolution of the gameplay mechanic saying, “That’s kind of the broader evolution of what hacking means more than just playing with computer bits. It’s actually manipulating people and systemic systems within the world. Of course, with all the cool hacking features. I can hack cars and drive them around. We got really cool drones, all kinds of drones within our game. Military drones with rockets on them, police drones with light machine gun weaponry. Spiderbots, hacking into CCTV camera networks. All kinds of things you can manipulate within the world, but the bigger, more exciting aspect of hacking is when you start engaging in the social engineering side, messing with people’s lives and manipulating them in those ways.”


Watch Dogs: Legion is set to drop on March 6, 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. Are you excited to see just how advanced the hacking and other similar mechanics will be in the upcoming Ubisoft game? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!