Transform Your Controller With The MOGA Gaming Clip

MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0

The one downside of console gaming is that you’re tied to that console. You can’t exactly lug it around town, you know? Cloud gaming is the ideal solution to this problem. We haven’t reached the promised land quite yet, but companies like PowerA are preparing regardless. I’ve covered mobile gaming controllers from this company before, but the Gaming Clip takes things a step further. Now, your existing console controllers can function as cloud and mobile gaming rigs.

I spent some time with the Xbox version of the Gaming Clip. It clicks snugly into your Series X/S controller, which I appreciate. You have to fiddle with it to make sure that certain buttons aren’t being pressed, but this only takes a moment. The tricky part is connecting to the actual remote services. At some point in the last few months, this process broadly increased in complexity. I won’t bog you down with details, but you’ll have to troubleshoot to get to this point.

Minor Remote Play Woes

Okay, I lied. There’s a second tricky part, which involves mounting your phone to the Gaming Clip. It’s less annoying than connecting to the remote services, but be prepared for some more fiddling. You also can’t set the completed rig down in a graceful manner. Picture a turtle on its back and you get the idea. But! Once you assemble and connect the various pieces (a roughly 60-second process), you’re ready to start gaming.

Moga Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0

Xbox remote play feels great with a proper controller, that’s for sure. You’re still dealing with a bit of lag, but this is to be expected. You can minimize this with enough raw bandwidth, but it’s never going to be perfect. At this point, I can only recommend Xbox remote play for turn-based games and casual play sessions. For serious, twitch reflex stuff, the cloud system just isn’t there yet. Farming sims, visual novels, RPGs, and thoughtful puzzle games are all great candidates for remote play.

Steadfast Mobile Companion

On the other hand, games installed on your phone? Totally different conversation.  You’ve got less lag to deal with, but fewer compatible games. Most mobile titles are optimized for touch controls, with some exceptions. If you can customize the controls, this is an excellent system. You can find a list of controller-compatible mobile games here. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what about my phone’s battery? Thankfully, the Gaming Clip is also a power bank. Just plug it into your phone, and you can play those games for hours more.

Having spent some time with the Gaming Clip, my ultimate conclusion remains unchanged. We’re not quite ready for this tech. At least in terms of cloud gaming, the average consumer can’t provide the colossal bandwidth needed for lag-free gaming. On the other hand, pure mobile gaming is primed and ready. If you’re an Xbox gamer looking to broaden your horizons, this tech is perfect. I can’t quite recommend it for playing Xbox games, but it’s well-suited for the mobile world.

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