Top 10 Shooter Games To Keep in Your Sights in 2023

Top 10 Shooters Coming Out in 2023

It’s hard to resist getting completely sucked into a really good shooter. It’s even harder when it comes with some good ol’ frenetic fun or a damn good storyline. Especially if you don’t have a ton of time on your hands to jump into a RPG that will take hundreds of hours to beat. There’s always a handful of really good shooters that get lost in the shuffle between Call of Duty, Battlefield and whichever new Tom Clancy title is released. Atomic Hearts may have already been released, but there are still a bunch of great ones set to drop later in 2023. Let’s get into it.

10) Alterborn (Q3 2023)

Iron Lung is a new Polish game studio bringing us an exciting third-person survival action shooter in Alterborn later this year. It will be a blend between some stellar genres mixing the best elements of looter shooter, roguelite and soulslike games together. You play as Alterborn, one of the last people left on the Shattered Lands, trying to solve the mystery of the curse that has been cast upon you. It may be a tad spooky but if you like games that feel a little eerie then this will be the perfect match for you.

9) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl (2023)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl was supposed to arrive last year but in June it was delayed to sometime this year. GSC Game World has confirmed that it won’t be delayed again so we can definitely expect it in 2023, despite no official release date being announced yet. It’s been more than 10 years since we’ve been able to play a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game and it’s exciting to know one is just on the horizon. It’s going to be haunting and immersive. Plus, it has some kickass shooting mechanics that are going to make for a crazy fun time. If you’re a fan of the previous games, shooters in general, or love post-apocalyptic horror games, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is for you.

8) RoboCop: Rogue City (September 2023)

If you’re a fan of the iconic Hollywood blockbuster RoboCop from 1987, then you’re going to love this game. RoboCop: Rogue City is set to bring the nostalgia to the forefront. You’ll get to play as a police officer who is part machine, part man, and armed to the max with an Auto-9 gun. Here you’ll truly get to feel like you’re kicking ass and taking names and all with extraordinary strength as your biggest weapon. Who else is excited to be a crime-fighting cyborg? It can’t possibly just be me.

7) Exoprimal (July 14, 2023)

We’ve seen the exosuit technology a time or two – with Crysis, Anthem and Titanfall, and it’s hard not to get excited about them every damn time. Here’s where Exoprimal is different from those other games: we’ll be facing off against dinosaurs…in the future! Heck yes. In this online, team-based action game players will take on the dinosaurs in a fight to keep humanity from the brink of extinction. Compete against other players worldwide and strategize for the best team composition as you take on each and every mission. The action, the shooting mechanics and the graphics are nothing compared to the overall game setting and atmosphere. And the soundtrack goes pretty hard too. Get ready to jump into Exoprimal this summer!

6) Witchfire (2023)

The Astronauts are set to deliver a real banger with Witchfire. It’s a first-person shooter with roguelite aspects. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the dark fantasy world hooks you from the very beginning, immersing you in a game that’s set in a time during the war with witches. Yes, there’s magic and a sense of foreboding oozing from every pixel and sound of Witchfire – at least from what we can see in the trailers. Your mission in Witchfire is to find the witch of the Black Sea, destroy all that protects her and obtain the artifact that is set to end the war. You’ll have powerful spells and firearms to help you along the way too. There’s no way that you feel like a badass playing this!

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