Romancelvania: Guide to Love – How to Romance Each Character

Bloodsucker for Love

In The Deep End Games’ Romancelvania, you play as Drac, who has spent the last century brooding over a break-up. Their best friend, the Grim Reaper, has set him up in a reality dating show called Love at First Bite. The hottest, sexiest creatures from all over the globe have gathered in Transylvania in hopes to be the love of their afterlife.

In order to truly win the hearts of the contestants, you have to know what they like and how to talk to them. With some help from The Deep End Games, your ol’ pal Zane has put together a Guide to Love, so that you too can conquer this game and find true love.

Get Down with the Basics

Romancelvania is a mix of Metroidvania action and dating sim. While those two genres may seem very different, they actually feed off one and other. Fight your way through the game to meet and complete quests for the contestants. Improve your relationship with the characters to upgrade your fighting skills and abilities.

Every time you improve your relationship level with a character, you get a Token of Affection. These are used to purchase upgrades from Grim. Not only do you need the requisite number of Tokens, but many upgrades also require you to hit a relationship level milestones with certain characters.

Most of the Achievements/Trophies for Romancelvania are unlocked through progression. Follow these tips to unlock the more challenging achievements, like Golden Hour, which is to “Unlock Everything”. Through the nature of the reality show, Drac must eliminate some contestants throughout the game to narrow down their choices. This locks you out of some upgrades, making a “100% run” impossible, so you will need to play at least twice.

If you follow these character guides, you can make your Golden Hour attempts and Romancelvania completion a bit smoother.



Brocifer is an Incubus. That means his whole existence revolves around sex. He has a pretty one-track mind in that way. When you’re talking to him, you can respond with “sexy” dialogue options and to get into his pants… if he wore any to begin with.

He is also a total bro. He loves clubbing and working out, so workout gear, cologne, and loud beats are the best gifts for this beast.

Upgrades/Requirements: Cash Incentives (lvl 3), Fire Immunity (lvl 5), Ratings Boost (lvl 7)



The lady of the stone gaze herself, Medusa is also one of Drac’s exes. The two of them spend years destroying together before the events of Romancelvania, but she wants to know that Drac can grow. She is also missing her body, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still want to get physical.

In terms of gifts, Medusa still loves blowing things up. If she can break something with it, she wants it. Also, being just a head is pretty limiting in terms of fashion, so give her something she can wear.

Upgrades/Requirements: Headouken Two (lvl 3), Headouken Cooldown (lvl 6)



Vess is kind of hard to get a read on. She is a genie who has spent the last 1,500 years granting wishes and she just wants an extended vacation. Respect her space, be honest with her, and don’t be such a smartass; the two of you will get along fine.

Vess has been spending time as a bartender, work she actually quite enjoys. Keep in mind that she is also looking to relax, so stick to giving her comfy clothes and hobby-related items.

Upgrades/Requirements: Mist Cooldown (lvl 4), Mist Two (lvl 7)

Van Helsing


Drac’s mortal enemy. One of the three Van Helsing siblings can join the cast of Love at First Bite, but they are not so easy to win over. You have to tease them a little. Don’t be too cold with them, but don’t completely let your guard down either.

Val Helsing loves their vampire-killing arsenal. Weapons are the way to their heart. Just wrap them in a bow first.

Upgrades/Requirements: Sword Master One (lvl 3), Sword Master Two (lvl 6)



Like her brother Brocifer, Illessa is a being of pure pleasure, and a little pain. There’s only one thing on her mind at any given time and as long as you feed into that, you will make her happy.

Illessa loves to dominate and be in charge. Whips, chains, locks, or anything to keep things spicy will please her.

Upgrades/Requirements: Whip Master One (lvl 3), Whip Master Two (lvl 6)

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