The Best Video Game Easter Eggs

I Love an Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s that time of year again when we overindulge in chocolate eggs and scour the wardrobes for elasticated pants. In order to celebrate the occasion, I’ve decided to look at a different kind of Easter Egg in the medium we love the most. So join me as I explore the most delicious secrets that developers burrow within their games.

Spoilers Ahead

Metal Gear Solid 3

One of my absolute favorite games is Metal Gear Solid 3 and this includes a gem of an Easter Egg. The End is the oldest of The Cobra Unit, however, he is an incredible sniper. When you begin your confrontation with the master, if you save the game and return a week later (or simply change the date), The End dies of old age! In addition to this, there is an early opportunity to rid the world of the character. When you first see him, you can take a shot and assassinate him before these events even take place. It’s clever and very Kojima!

Metal Gear Solid 5

While I could easily write a list that consisted simply of Kojima games, I’m not going to do that. However, the Easter Egg in Metal Gear Solid 5 definitely deserves a shout. Yes, I could mention the nods to 80s pop culture, the fact that Kojima himself is in it, or even the nuclear disarmament but sometimes the subtle ones are the best. As you progress through the story, you realize that Snake doesn’t seem the same. His attitude and his morals seem skewed. Fans around the world were shocked to learn that you were actually playing as a different person who had undergone surgery to look like Snake, however, this was foreshadowed throughout. As you sit in the chopper and select your missions, at certain points in the day you can see your reflection and you guessed it, in the window is your true identity!

Dead Rising

Capcom’s Dead Rising is a fun and playful take on the zombie genre. You can use all manner of silly weapons to slice up enemies as you try to survive in an infested mall. Throughout, you’ll notice a range of shops that you can visit for items and one is a lovely nod to the Resident Evil series. An eatery is called Jill’s Sandwiches after the iconic line from the first game. The little reference keeps with the humorous nature of the game while paying homage to the most famous zombie game.

Dead Space

As Isaac, your main goal is to find your wife, Nicole, and get off the USG Ishimura. As missions progress, there are hints that your mental state is deteriorating. Although the twist cements the notion, the game spells it out for you through the title of each chapter. Read only the first letter of missions and it spells out ‘Nicole is Dead’. A haunting but fitting way to foreshadow the conclusion. 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA is full of secrets. Rockstar has placed a ton of hidden treats throughout their rich world which constantly reward exploration. Parodying is part and parcel of the developer’s ethos and their mockery of the actual Easter egg is one of its greats. If you go to the roof of a building near the VCN, you can jump through to enter a room that literally has a large chocolate egg that sits on a pedestal.

God of War: Ragnarok

There are plenty of things to discover in Santa Monica’s epic but Kvasir’s poems are, in my opinion, the best. Throughout, you’ll discover several well-written poems which are about iconic titles released on the PlayStation. They are extremely well done and work within the game’s premise, however, astute fans will be able to make links to famous franchises which will make you want to find them all.

Mortal Kombat

Reptile is synonymous with the franchise, however, you had to jump through several hoops to unlock him. You need to achieve two flawless victories on the pit stage while not blocking for the entirety of the fight. You must also conclude the battle with a fatality when an object sails past the moon. This is no joke. Once all of the criteria have been met, you are then transported to the bottom of the pit to face the green ninja.

Arkham Asylum

Some Easter eggs are hard to find but the Warden’s room in Arkham Asylum was missed by everybody! Inside were hints about the future of the franchise, showing blueprints for the eventual sequel, Arkham City. Rocksteady was so eager for this to be discovered that they actually announced its existence in a podcast! This led to fans scurrying back to the game to see this glimpse into the future.

Donkey Kong Country 2

An overlooked classic is the incredible Donkey Kong Country 2. Not only did it refine its predecessor, but it also took the genre to new heights with its innovative level design. If you 100% the game, you will reach the top spot in Cranky’s Video Game Heroes and knock off Nintendo characters from the podium. While it’s nice to see Mario, Yoshi and Link in the game, the real treat is at the bottom right of the screen. Near the trash can is a sign that says ‘No Hopers’ and on the floor lay Sonic’s red trainers and Earthworm Jim’s gun. It’s rare for Nintendo to throw shade at other games but when they do, they don’t hold back!

Dead Island

Dead Island has gained cult status due to several reasons. Its luscious beach setting was a wonderful contrast to the visceral zombie action. Within the horrific world is Jason Voorhees. Yes, you read that right. While it isn’t the licensed version, the psychopath dwells in a small hut near a camp, wears a hockey mask and has a machete. A bunch of other references to the legendary Friday 13th franchise is also evident which makes this encounter one of the best Easter eggs.

Well, there you have it. Those are my favorite Easter eggs in video games. Are there any on the list that you’d swap for something else? Are there any on here that you didn’t know about? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for some great video game content.

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