Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – 5 New Things I’m Stoked About

5 New Things I’m Stoked About in Jedi: Survivor

EA invited us to a preview event to go hands-on with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. I’m looking forward to many new features following the three hours I spent with the game. Here are the top five new things I’m stoked about most. 

Combat Stances

Due to the five new combat stances, including Single Blade, Double-bladed, Dual Wield, Crossgaurd, and Blaster, combat has significantly more depth and variety. Each stance has its own skill tree with a wide array of abilities. You can equip two stances at a time, seamlessly switch between them during combat, and swap them at any time at mediation spots. While each stance caters to specific combat scenarios, you aren’t forced to use them strictly. You’re free to use one stance for every fight from the beginning to the end of the game if you desire. 

Combat feels intense and responsive, and it’s a lot of fun to be creative with your equipped stances and force powers. Several new finishers are brutal and satisfying to behold. Following the end of my session, Design Director Jason De Heras gave an incredible demonstration of max-level combat. Chaining several abilities together between stances, force powers, and the blaster was exciting. I love that Respawn’s designed a system that encourages experimentation and player creativity.

Perk System

Further enhancing gameplay is the new perk system. While little information is currently known, it appears that you can equip several once. Perks drastically alter your playstyle, further adding to player expression. I always appreciate the Freedom to experiment with gameplay. Combat stances and perks collectively emphasize the expansion of Survivor’s design.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Expanded Exploration

During my session, I explored the planet Koboh. Home to Greez, friendly inhabitants, myriad wildlife and enemies, collectibles, challenges, and secrets to discover. I’m impressed by the scale of Koboh compared to the planets in Fallen Order. It’s easy to get distracted in the best way by interacting with the environment to reach new areas. It’s rewarding to discover something everywhere you explore. Cal’s new Ascension Cable is fun to use as you zip to various points in your environment, and taming creatures to mount enhances traversal. Jedi Chambers and Force Tears are particularly interesting. Chambers present you with physics-based puzzles to solve, while Tears put your traversal skills to the test. My hands-on time was short, and it’s a good sign that I’m eager to continue exploring what I left uncovered on Koboh and beyond. 

More Customization

Cal can have many different looks in Survivor. You can mix and match his shirt, pants, and jacket, change the colors of each, and change his hair and beard. Finding new hairstyles and hairdos in supply crates is funny, but it’s a feature I’m glad is present. You can purchase more cosmetics with Priorite Shards from Doma Dendra in Rambler’s Reach on Koboh. BD-1’s appearance can also be significantly altered with multiple parts and color combinations. It’s awesome to see Respawn answer Fallen Order’s limited customization with a ton of player expression in Survivor.

New Characters

I can’t share specifics on a few new characters introduced during my session, but those being saved for the finished game are all individually interesting and will undoubtedly contribute much to the story. I rescued a Kermit the Frog-looking alien named Turgle from the clutches of The Bedlam Raiders. We only exchanged a few words, but he seems like a funny and charming fella. MXNK-6 is the droid bartender of Greez’s cantina and has a lovable, deadpan, dry sense of humor. One mysterious character with the likeness of Cad Bane keeps to herself in the cantina. She demands I get out of her face, but I get the feeling we’re gonna be friends. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

These five things merely scratch the surface of what I experienced during my hands-on time. For an extended look, you can read my full preview. Survivor is seemingly a bigger and better sequel in every way. I’m looking forward to experiencing the entire game. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches on April 28th for PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

***Flights, hotel, and access to preview event provided by Electronic Arts***