‘Perception’ is Horror with Dead Space, Bioshock Roots

Perception, a New Horror Title from The Deep End Games, is Coming to PS4

The makers of Perception are no strangers to horror. The Deep End Games is a new studio comprised of staff from the Dead Space and Bioshock franchises. These two names, synonymous with horror in unusual settings, lend Perception a greater range of possibilities. The studio’s first title stars a blind protagonist who must make her way around using echolocation.

perception ps4

This mechanic introduces darkness to a horror setting in a rather unusual fashion. The player uses taps from a cane to create flashes of the world around them. What the player sees is limited to how much noise is made by them or the environment. It’s a clever mechanic that has the unfortunate side effect of drawing monsters towards you. Dead Space also punished you for getting your bearings, but the costs in this scenario seem much more severe. The game’s trailer drives home the paralyzing feeling of being trapped, blind and targeted by monsters. It’s a chilling combination that will steal players’ sleep and sanity when the game does manage to come out.

Gamerant announced that Perception is coming to the PS4, although no release date has been formally announced. The game is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign from 2015. Perception originally had a summer 2016 release date, but unforeseen delays have pushed the game back.

SOURCE: Gamerant