Loggerhead Prologue Demo Has Finally Arrived

The Loggerheads Will Hunt You Down

It’s time to get a spine-chilling experience! Affordable Cat, the solo indie game developer has released Loggerhead Prologue Demo on Windows PC via Steam and Itch.io. The game can be considered as a love letter to the ’90s PS1 horror games.

Loggerhead is a classic survival horror game with a retro aesthetic, two characters, fixed camera angles, tank controls, and puzzle elements. The game takes place in Australia during the 1980s. A string of unsolved murders at Boggarogga Creek has left the locals in fear. The government decided to shut down the camp but one year later, many fishermen still go to the place despite its closure.


The story of the prologue takes place in 1985, just a year before the full game’s events. It follows Gary (Gazza) and Sharon (Shazza). Their innocent stop at the servo near the Boggorogga Creek campsite turns into a night of terror and regret. It soon becomes a quest for survival rather than just a normal holiday.

The demo will provide fans of this genre an opportunity to navigate the low-fi VHS aesthetic. It serves as a reminder of the classic horror titles. Players will get to choose between two main characters with very cringy voice actings, explore, solve puzzles, and fight ghouls.

Chris Willis, the solo developer behind Affordable Cat said: “When I started Loggerhead two years ago, the plan was to build towards the final game. However, a moment of indecision led me to release a demo first, ensuring fans like the direction. The demo invites player feedback, shaping the full version to honor the beloved horror genre.”

Make sure to check out the official prologue demo trailer below.