The Settlings – A Casual City Builder Game

Relax With The Settlings

Sometimes we just want to chill and enjoy gaming at our own pace. Fortunately, we found a title that fits the description. The Settlings by solo developer Ariano is a relaxing settlement builder and resource management game with retro pixel art.

The game takes huge inspiration from the classic 1991 game Lemmings. Moreover, the game is currently under development but a demo version is available on Steam for you to try out.

The Settlings

In The Settlings, players will gather resources, plan and build their settlements, and craft different tools and weapons. Players can also automate the production chains and levels will be complete only after defeating the main boss of the map.

The early stage of the game is focused on providing tools to the settlers and gathering basic resources. This will help in building the colony. The middle stage is all about expanding the city automating production chains, and crafting new tools and weapons. And in the late game, the settlers will have to face the boss of the map.

Here is a complete roadmap of the game:

– New animations for buildings and settlers.
– New resources and buildings
– More enemies
– Procedural generated world for sandbox
– Single-player campaign
– Rewarding progress & unlock system
– More spells & constructions (bridges & mining carts)
– Better UI
– Tutorial maps with puzzle elements
– Community wishes!

If you are a fan of casual and relaxing colony simulator games, put this one on your wish list right now. Take a look at the official trailer below.