Shoot Star Has Already Started Blasting the Enemies on Steam

Take down the Bosses in Shoot Star

It’s time to immerse yourself in a cartoony world and take down some evil bosses. The indie game studio natamigame has announced that their latest title Shoot Star is out on Steam. This epic 2D shooting action boss battle game came out on 7 June and is currently available now for just $4.99. Make sure to check out the official trailer of the game and witness the fun actions ahead.

Shoot Star is a 2D shooting action boss battle game where you must fight against various bosses using different equipment. It takes huge inspiration from other classic titles like Cuphead and Mega Man. Go toe to toe against a firey bird, a nasty cheese-loving rat, or even a monkey hanging on a balloon. Your objective is to take down these foes to reach your final destination.

The game features language options for either Japanese or English. Players can also adjust the sound volume from the Pause Menu of the game. It is also compatible with both keyboards and Xbox controllers.

If you are a fan of Cuphead, Mega Man, or other 2D action shooter games, then you should give this title a chance. So, are you ready to dive inside a cartoony world and shoot down these bosses as the hero of the story?