Terrorformer TD Joins the Steam Next Fest With a Demo

It’s Time for Terrorformer TD

The one-man indie studio onewinter games has announced that Terrorformer TD is taking part in Steam Next Fest with a playable demo. The event will end on 17 June 2024, so hurry up and try this tower defense roguelite right now.

Terrorformer TD

This new demo comes with 12 new enemy types which includes 2 new bosses. There will also be a total of 75 rounds worth of planned enemy challenges. The developer has also expanded the map to five, with two existing maps receiving a rework and two new maps added to the game. Lastly, extensive playtesting has led to optimizations in the mid-to-late game. This resulted in nearly doubled performance when the map was filled with towers.

“I’ve had a blast researching and testing what makes the best tower defense games so good,” onewinter games solo developer TJ Cioffe stated. “It’s a fascinating genre that stands between modern Vampire Survivors-likes and RTS classics like Starcraft that’s spawning some really creative concepts lately. There’s never been a more interesting time to be making a tower defense game and I’m excited to share Terrorformer TD with the world!”

Terrorformer TD is a tower defense roguelite where the map erodes and grows as the game progresses. However, players get terraforming tools to shape it the way they want. Every round, the players must protect the base to survive against waves of enemies. They will receive cash in return at the shop for new towers, upgrades, and other rewards. They will also gain XP and level up, allowing them to unlock new abilities and components after each run.