The Last Flame Will Start Burning in Q1 2024

Create Your Own Builds in The Last Flame

Get ready to guide your heroes to the righteous path! The solo indie developer Hotloop’s upcoming title The Last Flame will arrive on PC via Steam in Q1 2024. Moreover, a demo version is already out on the same platform for everyone to try out.

The Last Flame

The Last Flame is a roguelike auto-battler with an emphasis on build creation, strategy, and decision-making. Players will recruit special heroes, confront deadly enemies, loot, and craft powerful equipment. And most importantly, create awesome and powerful builds in every playthrough to progress.

The game features more than 55 heroes, 250 items, 120 relics, and 55 origins. The core of hero and team building embraces flexibility and freedom. This enables players to discover and create new builds in every single run.

During its automated combat system, players will have to cleverly guide their heroes throughout the adventure. This includes managing the resources, choosing the optimal path, making powerful builds, and strategically positioning and planning the combat phase. Additionally, there is also an endless mode where players can attempt to beat their high scores.

Here are a few key features:

– Progress through 5 difficulties that will challenge your knowledge and strategy!
– Push your builds to their limit in the endless mode, a mode where you try to reach the highest floor!
– Experience the game in diverse and fun new ways with the challenge modes!

Make sure to check out the trailer below.