League of Legends New Champion Revealed

Hwei Will Arrive on League of Legends Soon

Riot Games has revealed the next champion that will be added to League of Legends. He is Hwei, the visionary, a mid-lane mage with a complex skill mechanic that is based on painting. Moreover, his design is quite emo as well.

According to the lore, Hwei is an Ionian champion and he uses his art to both confront criminals and comfort their victims. He is often haunted by his own immense creativity and troubled past, which explains his brooding design. Hwei also has a history with Jhin, the most art-obsessed character in the game.

When it comes to gameplay, Hwei is very complicated and he will suit high-level players more than casual players. He has three different spellbooks to choose from, which makes up to a total of 10 unique spells. His abilities are even compared to Aphelio’s famously complicated kit.

The three spellbooks are: Disaster, which is primarily for dealing damage, Serenity, which has support and healing abilities, and Torment, which provides crowd-control abilities. His ultimate is called Spiralling Despair, which can be attached to an enemy to create an AOE zone of Despair. It will slow down and deal magic damage to enemies caught within the area.

Hwei will be arriving as a part of patch 13.24, which is live now on PBE for testing. His first skin will be part of the seasonal Winterblessed skin line.