Riot’s Valorant Unveils Newest Agent Gekko In Latest Trailer

Riot’s Valorant Unveils Newest Agent Gekko In Latest TrailerĀ 

Riot is one of the biggest video game companies in the world. It soared to success with the release of League of Legends and has since expanded its portfolio into Valorant, a Netflix series and much more. The team recently unveiled a new trailer for Gekko, an upcoming agent. Gekko will join the roster of fighters in Valorant in Ep_06 Act II. The character is very interesting, and the trailer shows off his back story. Furthermore, interested fans can get their hands on the game for free on PC.

Gekko is a unique agent, who uses his pets as tools to win fights on the battlefield. Moreover, the agent is able to use Dizzy, Wingman, Mosh and Thrash. Each pet offers a unique skill and ability ranging from a grenade that can damage enemies to a scout that can find enemies. Also, Gekko is described as an Initiator, which means that he is an entry character who will lead the charge into contested points and help his team plant or defuse bombs.

Astra Valorant promo art

In the trailer, viewers get a great first look at the character’s design along with his army of pets. Valorant has slowly become one of the best arena shooters in the industry since its release as it drew influence primarily from CounterStrike and Overwatch and much more.

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