New Valorant Trailer Introduces Water-Bender Hero Harbor

Valorant Has a New Water-Bending Hero

Valorant is dubbed to be one of the best free-to-play multiplayer PC games in the market today. The gaming community has praised it for its tight tactical gameplay and frequent updates. Devs have been sending out updates quite religiously that its players have seen updated maps and a lot of new Agents being added over the last several years.

Valorant Yoru key art

Riot just released a new trailer for the game and it introduced the game’s new hero, Harbor, to to the gaming public. The video showed off Harbor’s water-bending skills. He uses these skills for both offense and defense. This new hero can send out a small glob of water and trace a path with his crosshair. At this point, a zigzagging wall of water will appear along the path that the glob traveled. 

This suggests that Valorant’s new hero will have a lot of tactical benefit. After all, the skill completely obscures visibility. The same can be said about the smaller wave that he can send moving in front of him. Plus, he can also help the rest of his team by creating protective domes of water around everyone.

According to the trailer’s description, Harbor comes “from the coast of India.” It would seem that growing up by the Indian Ocean contributed a lot in shaping his elemental abilities. His vision-blocking water walls indicate that he is a Controller-class Agent. With that said, he will be joining the likes of Viper, Brimstone, Omen, and Astra.

Harbor will be available when Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 goes live. The episode, titled Dimension, is due to kick off on October 18th. There will also be three new skins for players to enjoy. They are the purple and silver Iridian Thorn, the brown and black Rune Stone, as well as the glowing blue Starlit Odyssey.

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