Valorant Is Testing a New Smurf Detection System

Valorant Is Getting a New Way to Detect Smurfs Within the Game

Valorant devs are testing a new way to detect smurfs within the game. Its 5.01 patch notes seemed pretty typical for agents. However, they could somewhat change the game for ranked players.

With Riot Games’ new smurf detection system, they can bump up the smurfs to the ranks where they truly belong. By doing this, they can stop the smurfs from pretending to be novices. This somehow prevents the from farming low rank Valorant players.

valorant testing new smurf detection system

According to the patch notes, devs have chosen North America to be the test region for this new system. The system will look at the performance of all new accounts. It will adjust in-game ranking and determine where players are supposed to be much faster than before.

The testing period began on July 11th. This indicates that North American players are already going to experience these new changes. Fans are hopeful that this new system will work. After all, players who play ranked matches below Platinum has a high probability of having a smurf playing amongst them.

Valorant fans have been frustrated about these smurfs for quite some time now. It is frustrating enough for them to lose because they either played badly or their team was hugely outmatched. It is even more frustrating to lose because another player on the other side is clearly more practiced than everyone.

Unfortunately, Valorant’s new smurf detection system may not account for players who buy accounts when they hit level 20. Level 20 allows players to play the ranked mode. This means there is a huge number of players buying accounts in that region.

The recent patch is also bringing some Agent changes. Devs applied these new changes to KAY/O, Yoru, and Phoenix.

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