Valorant Devs Show Off New Pearl Map With Reveal Trailer

Valorant Is Getting an Underwater Map

Valorant fans are very much excited for Season 5 to begin. The gaming community is actually days away from its launch. What makes them even happier is that the upcoming season is adding a new playable Operator as well as a new map.

Developer Riot Games showed off the Pearl map with a relatively short reveal trailer. Although it was pretty quick, it provided fans with a good overview of the map’s ambiance and art style. There were also some snippets of character dialogue in the background. This suggests that the next season has a back lore.

valorant new pearl map reveal trailer

Fans of Valorant may have noticed that the new map is a bit unusual for the franchise. In fact, it seems to be something they do not really expect for any competitive shooter. Interestingly, the entirety of the Pearl map is underwater.

Pearl is a small town that is situated in a dome off the shores of an unknown island. Fans may be quick to guess that it is somewhere in present day Mediterranean due to the architecture featured in the preview. What Valorant fans know about the map at this moment is that it is the franchise’s very first Omega Earth map—whatever that means.

As seen in the trailer, Pearl pretty much wears its main inspiration on its sleeve. As the sneak peek goes over the layout of the city, the camera focused on Atlas’ statue. It immediately gave fans a Bioshock vibe. Every part of the new map has a lot of detail. Devs purposely constructed it with a lot of thought to show that people once lived in the region. It even has its own metro station. However, it remains unclear how the metro station factors into its gameplay.

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