Valorant Devs Want Fans to Know Killjoy Isn’t Into NFTs

Valorant’s Killjoy Does Not Support NFTs, Says Riot

Valorant devs want the gaming world to know that one of their most popular characters does not support NFTs. Killjoy was in hot water for a short time after accidentally showing some acclaim to an NFT artist. 

The game’s German social media account posted a photo of Killjoy enjoying a piece of art. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the art was actually a work of Martin Houra. The since-deleted photo showed the character admiring the artwork on a wall.Houra has an indelible connection to the highly controversial NFT world. 

valorant killjoy not info nfts

Devs saw this as a problem. Valorant devs want to portray Killjoy as a relatable character. They do not want her associated with anything controversial at all. Riot Games placed quite the variety of heroes and mercenaries within the game. However, they want Killjoy to maintain being the lovable character that she is.

Whoopsie!” Riot wrote. “We were not aware that the selected work was an NFT.

Valorant fans were quick to vent on social media, showing their disappointment. “Actually, I think it is pretty out of character for someone as smart and tech-savvy as Killjoy to be into NFTs,” wrote one fan. “The more you know how the machine works, the less you would support it.”

The devs then continued to say that “Killjoy loves programming.” Because of this, they wanted to associate her with “computer-generated art from around the world.” “In no way did we intend to include NFTs as part of Killjoy’s work and hobbies,” they wrote.

Valorant’s Killjoy won the hearts of many fans following her prominent role in a recent cinematic. Fans of the franchise are glad to be convinced that he is not buying into NFTs. After all, NFTs has somewhat gained a reputation for being a toxic trend in the gaming world.

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