Game Director of Valorant Steps Away for New Venture

Closing a Chapter 

Valorant is losing their Game Director today. More than just a game director, practically, its parent. In a statement made on Valorant’s website today Joe Ziegler, the Game Director for Valorant, announced he is taking his leave. 

“It is with a heart full of gratitude and a deep excitement that I come to you today with news. After 8 years of working on VALORANT…” said Ziegler in the statement, “I am giving up the mantle of game director of the VALORANT.” 

He says in the statement that he is leaving Valorant as game director to begin another project. This project, also for Riot games, is as of yet a secret. However, Ziegler is very hushed on what the project is saying, “I’ll be starting something new (*wink, secrets…) in the hopes that we can even scratch the surface of the amazing impact VALORANT has already had so far.” 

Though Ziegler is saying goodbye to Valorant, after eight long years of raising it, he is leaving the game in capable hands. Taking over as Game Director of Valorant is Andy Ho. A good friend to Ziegler, and someone who put nearly as much time into the game, Ho is someone Ziegler trusts. 

“He has my full faith and trust that he will continue to grow and evolve VALORANT year-over-year to become even better than what I could imagine it to be.” Said Ziegler about Ho. 

Valorant is reaching the end of a successful year. Currently, the game is celebrating its second Run it Back Bundle sale. The sale features a host of skins from throughout the year. Skins including the origin operator, and prime 2.0 Odin. 

Though Ziegler is leaving as game director he assures everyone, in the statement, that he won’t be far. He also made sure to shout out everyone who has supported him in this journey.