Valorant Pro Team Accidentally Forfeits Match Because of Anime

Valorant? More Like Valor-ain’t-gonna-play idk

So someone on the Valorant pro team “Ghost Commandos” made an oopsie. What was supposed to have happened was that each player needed to install a specific game client. Everyone needed it by a certain time for the match to properly begin. And while almost everyone had no problem here, one player was a bit preoccupied at the time.

They were a bit… distracted at the time. Blaming it on “anime” isn’t quite accurate, but it’s not entirely false either. The real culprit is Honkai: Star Rail, and if you’ve seen the game, certain ideas come to mind.

The game has been making waves in online spaces for a variety of reasons, easily visible in players’ reactions to this news.

Fans of both games mainly just find the whole scene hilarious. Even through all my digging, I’ve yet to spot any soured expressions.

I mean he was clearly making a better life decision so…” Says one Honkai fan. “I’m not saying they’re right, but I understand.” Says a Valorant player.

At the very least, everyone was able to get their act together for the next match. A funny bit of trouble to be sure, but hey, anything that doesn’t create a Gamer Rage Incident ™ is a win in my books. Figuring out which specific player made the oopsie of the day though, is tougher to pin down. Which… is probably the correct move on their part, all things considered. Still, more Valorant awaits them in the future, and here’s hoping Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t drown them again in future.