Joon Shining Saving More From Extinction with Sale

Saving Some Dodos 

It’s time to journey through various magical realms. Of course, magic is the only way you’re going to be able to save the Dodo birds from extinction. Make sense? Good. Today, Developer Orchid of Redemption and publisher Lamplight Forest are happy to announce that their platforming puzzle game, Joon Shining, is now 30% off until May 15th. A new press release delves into all of the details about the game. Of course, a launch trailer gives players a good look at the golf platforming that awaits players in the game. 

Joon Shining

Joon Shining introduces players to Joon. A young sorcerer on an adventure throughout the multiverse. Importantly, players will visit eight unique and magical worlds on a quest to stop the extinction of the dodo birds. Using a ball and magical powers Joon must solve puzzles to advance through the different worlds. For instance, Joon can break up the stop-and-hit formula of golf with her telekinesis. Influence her shots by burning away obstacles, making magical rings to help the ball fly, or even growing plants into new shapes to help the ball along its path. Importantly, all of these skills will help Joon solve and overcome the various challenges that will be thrown her way as she traverses the multiverse. 

Of course, players can check out the launch trailer for the game for a better look at what to expect. You can view the trailer below. 

Joon Shining is out now for PC via Steam. The game is currently 30% off until May 15th.