League of Legends Lights the Fire of Season 2024

Welcome to the Rift, 2024

The world’s most popular MOBA is kicking off the New Year with a look at what’s to come in 2024. Like always there is a massive amount of content to look forward to. From characters, to Esports, and everyone’s favorite League of Legends inspired show, Arcane. Today, Riot Games happily announced the plans for the coming season of their hit MOBA game, League of Legends. A preview video, titled the “Season 2024 Look Ahead”, gives fans of LOL and its world an in-depth look of everything that is on its way in this new year. Of course, players can expect new champions, updated maps, and even changes to the Esports scene. Yet, the news goes beyond that. 

League of Legends 2024

League of Legends season 2024 is seeing the arrival of a brand new champion to the Rift and changes to existing champs. For instance, Skarner is getting a visual update to make him even more fearsome on the battlefield, and Smolder the Fiery Fledgling will be going to PBE on January 9. Of course, that is far from all. A champion from Season 1 prominently featuring in Arcane will be arriving to the Rift, bringing her Arcane visual update with her: Ambessa Medarda. 

Speaking of Arcane. The League inspired show will be getting its second season in November of 2024. Of course, a preview of the new season of the show is out now and can be viewed here. The nightmarish introduction to the second season gives fans a little taste of what is to come. 

Yet, League itself is also going to be experiencing some augmentations. Multiple skins will be arriving with the New Year update, changes to the ranked system will be implemented, Esports will return with even more stakes, and more. Of course, fans check this out in the video. Check it out below. 

League of Legends is available for free from Riot Games. More info is available here