RKGK, Anime Platformer From Gearbox Coming Summer 2024

Artistic Resistance 

In a world controlled by a grey loving corporation, art is resistance. Luckily this grey world allows you to shine as brightly as you want. It’s time to bring a little color to this place. However, expect some corpo pushback in the meantime. Today, Mexico-based studio Wabisabi Games and Gearbox Publishing are happy to announce their Anime action-platformer, RKGK. Unveiled during The Triple-i Initiative, the game is set to release for PC via Steam in the Summer of 2024. Inviting players to a neo-brutalist world full of dystopian control, players take on the role of a graffiti rebel. Of course, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of exactly what they can expect from the game. 


RKGK introduces players to Valah. Valah is a member of a group of graffiti rebels whose bright existence acts as resistince to the dystopian B-Corporation. Interestingly, players can expect to jump into an action-packed adventure in a brutally grey city. Of course, the corporation isn’t going to take lightly to Valah bringing color back to the city. As such, players can expect to face off against a variety of minions as they navigate a dark city lighting it up with neon graffiti. Players can adventure through the city through sprawling paths and fluid platforming. Additionally, players can use paint to travel, build up beautiful combos, and unleash abilities.

Importantly, players can get a look at all of this artistic action in RKGK’s CG trailer. Check out the trailer below.


RKGK is releasing for PC via Steam in the Summer of 2024. So, are you going to paint the town and bring down a corporation? Check out Wabisabi Games’ website for more info.