VALORANT Reported to Get an Animated Movie Similar to Arcane in 2025

VALORANT Might Land on the Big Screen

Gamers’ wish to get an animated movie or series on VALORANT is finally coming true. A dedicated movie for the famous first-person shooter multiplayer game is under production. The infamous KLaboratories, known for data mining and leaking information revealed this news.

Moreover, the official trailer will make its debut in November 2024 and the movie will land on the big screen in 2025. KLaboratories also said that Tencent and Riot Games will be working together to make this movie a success.

The entire film will be exclusively produced within China. Above all, it will feature an animation style that closely resembles the cinematic trailer for its launch in China.


Riot Games is very experienced within the realm of entertainment. Beyond its game developments, the company has honed its skills in crafting narrative-rich lore and producing top-tier cinematics. The musical compositions they create are unparalleled as well.

They have been captivating the affections of its fan base ever since the debut of League of Legends. However, with the unveiling of Arcane, Riot Games has set the bar to new unprecedented heights.

The Netflix series made its debut in November 2021, attracting audiences regardless of their League of Legends fandom. It garnered widespread adoration, leaving an impression on viewers worldwide. Yet, the show concluded with a suspenseful cliffhanger, leaving us eagerly awaiting any hint of a release date for the anticipated Arcane Season 2.

Similarly, VALORANT fans were hoping to see an animated version of the game. With the recent leak, the hype is getting immense. We don’t know much about the movie as of now. Nevertheless, we are hoping that more details will unveil with time.