Riot Games Announces Massive Charity Event for Year-End

A Big Donation 

It’s that time of year again. A time to give back, and spread joy. Apparently Riot Games got the message. Today the developer, behind League of Legends and Valorant, announced that they will be running a charity voting campaign. The campaign, which will allocate $6 million from the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, will allow players worldwide between 84 different charities. Of course a press release from the developer provides more info on the initiative. 

Riot Games

Beginning today, December 12th, and running until December 22nd players can visit to Riot’s website. On the website, players can learn about each of the nonprofits available and vote on which they personally would like to see Riot donate money too. Interestingly, the organization with the most votes from each country and/or region will receive a donation of 50% of that regions charity pool from Riot. The other top two organizations will each receive 25%. 

“Every year our players exceed our expectations when it comes to raising money for the Social Impact Fund and participating in our in-game fundraisers; this year was no different.” Says Jimmy Hahn, Senior Manager, Social Impact at Riot Games.

Importantly, the fund will be spread between 28 different regions. Additionally, Riot is promising a minimum grant of USD $10,000 to each participating nonprofit. Of course this means that, no matter what, every single charity on the list will be receiving money. 

So, be sure to check out the list on Riot’s website. Who will you be voting for? Of course, an excellent way to give back to the world from Riot.