Mario Strikers: Battle League Gets New Characters Tomorrow, For Free

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We are right in the middle of it. The most popular sport in the world is holding its annual championship. Whether you gamers are soccer fans or not, there is something to be celebrated here. Mario Strikers: Battle League is taking the opportunity to hype up their own soccer game.

On December 13th, Nintendo is pushing out a new update for Mario Strikers: Battle League. There are a few different additions coming to the game and they are all free! The big ticket items are the new playable characters, Bowser Jr. and Birdo.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Bowser Jr. is a very balanced character. Speed, technique, strength, shooting, and passing are all pretty even across the board, slightly favoring passing. He also uses his Junior Clown Car for his Hyper Strike.

Birdo also joins the game. Birdo is a little bit more for the offensive players, with high shooting and technique skills. Her charged shots allow her to suck up the ball and shoot it out her mouth. That seems like an illegal move though. Birdo’s Hyper Strike puts the ball in a jewel-encrusted egg, which hits any player that gets in its way when kicked.

Mario Strikers: Battle League also gets a new type of gear in this update. Shellfish will boost your characters’ speed and technique skills from their base stats. A new stadium called Urban Rooftop will also be playable. You can buy three variants of Urban Rooftop, each with their own size and scale, cosmetically.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The new update goes live on December 13th and it’s free!

Are you going to try out the new characters or gear? Let us know in the comments below.