Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Project Finally Out After 8 Years of Work

A Newly Improved Resident Evil 4 HD Project Is Launching on February 2nd

Resident Evil 4’s HD mod is finally ready for release. The fan-made project first started in 2014 and was a result of the team’s reaction to Capcom’s launch of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition. The studio’s version was a remastered version of the 2005 classic. Unfortunately, it was not as good as fans hoped it would be.

Capcom’s HD version on Steam was, in essence, a high-definition counterpart. However, it did not have basic customization options. Devs also just made the textures a little bit sharper. Simply put, huge fans of the franchise were not satisfied with how the game looked. They believed that it did not do justice to one of the gaming industry’s best games.

resident evil 4 hd mod project out next week

With that said, the Resident Evil 4 HD team decided that if Capcom was not going to do the job right, they would. This new version is a massive texture and asset overhaul for the PC version. It recreated the textures for all backgrounds, items, and characters within the game.

The Resident Evil 4 HD team put in a lot of effort and dedication to the project. “I collected a great number of locations the game’s developers use as source material,said Co-Creator Albert Marin. “Most textures are recreated from scratch using some texture library images as a base.”

They had to analyze the game’s original texture multiple times “in order to make sure the new source images match in terms of color, lighting, and even the material.” Marin even travelled to the game’s same locations in Wales in Spain to retake photos. By doing this, his team was able to come up with higher resolution assets that were more accurate-looking.

The point of this project is for everyone to enjoy as good-looking a version of the game as possible while still holding true to the original artistic intent and direction of the creators of the game,” the devs added.

Resident Evil 4 HD requires players to already own Resident Evil 4 on Steam. Once devs launch the project on February 2nd, they will be able to access and download it from the Resident Evil 4 HD Project website.

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