Valorant Is Experiencing an Outage Particularly in the EU

Valorant Players in the EU Complain of Multiple Issues

Valorant is reportedly experiencing an outage, particularly within EU regions. Multiple players in that area have complained that they were out of the FPS. Some even said that the game booted them mid-match. Others have also taken to social media to voice out their complaints that they couldn’t even queue up for matchmaking.

Did anyone else just disconnect?” one Valorant fan wrote. “Mainly in the EU West/UK side of things, could not even log into the actual Riot Games client.

valorant experiencing outage eu

Multiple sources have reported that the issue also extends to Riot Games’ anti-cheat software, Vanguard. Apparently, this new service has been going offline with some Valorant players. 

According to DownDetector, the game is certainly experiencing an outage.

Valorant players are met with a message that reads “Sorry, we are currently experiencing issues with our services. Please try again later” whenever they try to log into the game.

At the moment, Riot Games has not given any comment regarding this recent string of problems for Valorant. However, fans are hopeful that the devs are already working behind the scenes to rectify the issue.

Furthermore, the servers also crashed during the European Valorant Champions Tour 2022 which was held today. The servers were out for approximately 10 minutes. Devs eventually got them back up for most players. Unfortunately, some players participating in a competitive match may have received a penalty for being AFK after the conclusion of their game.

The last time that Valorant fans in the EU experienced this kind of disruption was shortly after the game launched in 2020. Since the devs have not commented on the situation just yet, it remains unclear what caused this outage. However, some fans believe that the launch of Episode 4 may have brought an influx of players.

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