Yoshida Announces Final Fantasy 14 Digital Sales Will Reopen Later This Month

Yoshida Announces Final Fantasy 14 Digital Sales Will Reopen This Month

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker released in December 2021. At the release, the servers became overloaded leading to chaos for the players. As a result, Yoshida, the game’s Director, announced a closure of sales for Starter Edition Games to ensure no new players join. Today, Yoshida has announced that from 25th January, there will be a resumption of sale to digital players. Furthermore, Yoshida announced that there are plans to expand European, Japanese, American and Oceanic Data Centres.

Oceanic servers will be opened from 25th January and there will be incentives to transfer, such as waiving of the transfer fee. Furthermore, on 26th January, players will be able to utilize the Home World Transfer Service to any world. The Data Center Travel System is in the works, but Yoshida has asked for some more time before its release.

Additionally, there are planned expansions for the European, Japanese and North American Data Centers. Each region will be receiving more servers to increase capacity and load. Generally, Yoshida’s timeline indicates completion in mid-2022 into Spring 2023.

Finally, from January 25th, players can purchase the Starter Editions once again to finally join the amazing journey. However, the statement does indicate that if there is continued server congestion, they may consider suspending sales once again. The company will also resume registration for the free trial after monitoring.

In closing, Yoshida apologizes to the fans of the game for the delay in server expansion. He also indicates that the team is hard at work on upcoming content and updates.

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