Grand Theft Auto Online Gives Justice With Bottom Dollar Bounties

Time to Make Some Bounty Bucks 

There are a lot of ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online. Most of these forms of currency acquisition are less than legal. Yet, that’s about to change. That’s right, it’s time to make a hero’s compensation. Today, Rockstar Games and Rockstar North are happy to announce the latest update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this Summer, Bottom Dollar Bounties. Interestingly, the update allows players to join the law as a bounty hunter, tracking down notorious criminals around Lost Santos. Of course, the update will provide players with a whole new host of content. For instance, players can look forward to a new customizable bounty office, vehicles, missions, and more. A trailer teases what’s to come.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Bottom Dollar Bounties introduce players to the daughter of legendary Los Santos bounty hunter Maude Eccles. Helping her to clean up the streets of this crime ridden town, players will be able to set up their very own customizable bounty hunting office. Of course, to start making some money, there are going to need to be bounties. Have no fear, players can chase down low level crime scum as much as they want and once a day can take on a “most wanted” target. Importantly, to chase down these scumbags, players will have access to a trio of new law enforcement vehicles. In fact, these vehicles are available now if you complete  the Slush Fund mission in The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. 

Of course, there is even more for Grand Theft Auto players to look forward to from vehicles, to cosmetics for their character, and more. Interestingly, the trailer shows off a small glimpse of what players can expect. Check it out below. 

Grand Theft Auto Online: Bottom Dollar Bounties is out now. Check out Rockstar Newswire for more information.