GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid Guide: Maximize Earnings

Strategies for Efficient Completion and Maximum Payout in GTA Online

In GTA Online, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid presents a lucrative opportunity for players to earn $500,000 upon successful completion of the heist. This substantial payout is achievable by stealing the cartel’s cocaine from the chicken factory and delivering it to Vincent.

Similar to other heists in GTA Online, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid can be repeated multiple times, albeit with a short cooldown period. This allows players to establish a consistent income stream of $500,000 by completing the six missions comprising the heist. However, to maximize earnings efficiently, certain strategies must be employed to expedite the raid, ensuring completion within an hour.

To expedite the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid and rapidly accumulate wealth, players should adopt specific strategies tailored to each mission:

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Mission 1: Slush Fund

  • Choose “Easy Difficulty” to facilitate quick enemy elimination.
  • Proceed to the money laundering building, clear out the dryers for cash, and return to the Vespucci Police Station without engaging enemies.

Mission 2: Breaking and Entering

  • Memorize the locations of the Terrorbyte and laptop for swift retrieval.
  • Use heavy weaponry to neutralize drones efficiently during the Terrorbyte segment.
  • Retrieve the laptop and acquire the Train Key from an enemy in the train yard.

Mission 3: Concealed Weapons

  • Focus solely on Point C for superior weapons and gear.
  • Utilize an armored or fast vehicle to swiftly navigate the airport.
  • Collect weapons from inside the hangar, gear from the tarmac, and evade unnecessary combat.

Mission 4: Hit and Run

  • Proceed to Point A and locate the garage opposite the motel.
  • Shoot the grey electrical box on the garage wall to reveal the getaway vehicle.
  • Drive away from enemies, head toward the train tracks, and follow them west for a quicker route to Vincent’s garage.

Mission 5: Disorganized Crime

  • Hack the first van encountered and eliminate guards while wearing a Cluckin’ Bell uniform.
  • Sabotage all five trucks and erase CCTV footage to streamline the final mission.

Mission 6: Scene of the Crime

  • Enter the factory undetected by erasing CCTV footage in the previous mission.
  • Loot Office Keys from the designated room and gather cocaine from the basement.
  • Open the garage container with a crowbar, access the office using Office Keys, and retrieve loot from the safe.
  • Drive onto the train tracks and follow them until losing police pursuit, then proceed to Vincent’s lockup.

By implementing these strategies effectively, players can expedite the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, ensuring swift completion and maximizing earnings to earn $1 million every two hours in GTA Online.