Rockstar Increases Price for GTA+ Subscription Service

Rockstar Games Implements a 33% Price Hike for GTA+

GTA+, the subscription service beloved by GTA Online players for its array of benefits and game catalog access, has recently undergone a significant price increase. Previously priced at $6 per month, the membership cost has surged to $8 per month on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, marking a notable 33% increase. Notably, there are no options for multi-month or yearly subscriptions for GTA+.

The timing and announcement strategy surrounding this price adjustment remain unclear. The hike appears to have been implemented recently, with the new pricing already reflected on the Xbox and PlayStation marketplaces. Since its launch in March 2022 at $6 per month, GTA+ has maintained its pricing structure until now.

Despite the price increase, Rockstar Games has continuously expanded the benefits offered by GTA+. Recent additions include the inclusion of Red Dead Redemption in the rotating games catalog, joining other popular titles like GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and GTA: Liberty City Stories. Later this year, Bully and L.A. Noire are slated to join the catalog.

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Apart from access to a variety of free games, GTA+ subscribers enjoy exclusive discounts on premium cars at The Vinewood Club within GTA Online and receive 20% off the purchase price of titles in the library. Additionally, subscribers now receive a monthly deposit of $1 million worth of GTA$ alongside the standard $500,000 deposit, valid through August.

Looking ahead, GTA+ members can anticipate further enhancements, including the introduction of a Vehicle Workshop and an in-game phone app for easier access to The Vinewood Club’s services. Rockstar has also teased a “new bonus car” for GTA+ subscribers upon the release of GTA Online’s next major update this summer.

While speculation abounds regarding GTA+’s role in the upcoming GTA VI, set for release in 2025, details remain scarce. Parent company Take-Two Interactive has not disclosed specific information regarding the service’s impact on revenue, although GTA Online’s success as a major revenue-driver through microtransactions is well-documented.