Transhumance Has Unveiled Its First Teaser

The Stage Is Set for Transhumance

We have exciting news for everyone! Ukiyo studio has unveiled a short teaser of their first project titled Transhumance on So, get ready for an epic adventure as you guide a flock of ewes and discover many magnificent landscapes. The game will be coming out on all the major platforms, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, check out the teaser below to take a sneak peek of the game.

Transhumance is a narrative, poetic, and contemplative game in which you have to lead a herd of ewes during transhumance. It is the periodic migrations between winter pastures on the plains and summer pastures in the mountains. The route is purely fictional, though it draws inspiration from paths taken by shepherds in southern France, between Provence and the Alps.

You will be accompanied by one or more dogs to guide the sheep and direct them. These dogs can evolve and improve as well. The more experience the dogs get, the easier it will become to lead the flock. This is the main gameplay element: Controlling the dogs efficiently to guide the herd to its destination on time and in health.

Here are some key features:

– A poetic and original theme: the transhumance, listed as a world cultural heritage.
– Unique gameplay: lead dogs, with different characters, to move the herd with the constraints of a transhumance.
– Discover the mountain ecosystem with realistic and changing weather.
– Raising awareness of several related ecological issues: global warming, reintroduction of wolves and bears, human impact, etc.
– A strong narrative linked to grief, solitude, freedom, the mountains, their inhabitants, and their mysteries…
– It’s also a game that lets you contemplate nature, stroke your dog, talk to your sheep, and photograph marmots!