Breakout Survivors Will Destroy Every Brick This Month

Breakout and Survive

Get ready for a unique gaming experience! The indie video game developer Axel Born’s upcoming title Breakout Survivors will launch on 30 November. The game will be available on PC via Steam. Moreover, a demo version is already out on the same platform for everyone to try out.

Breakout Survivors

Breakout Survivors is a classic arcade game that blends breakout gameplay with bullet-heaven and survivors-like mechanics. The bricks that you hit will fall down and you’ve got to destroy them before they reach the bottom. Destroying them will provide you with XPs, which can be used to level up, upgrade, and more.

Along the way, you will pick up powerful balls and artifacts that will help you survive against the waves of bricks. It features a wide range of balls with unique effects and artifacts that will either bring new mechanics or modify existing ones. There are two different game modes as well, each with its own balance, pacing, and online leaderboards.

The key features are:

– Easy to play with simple and fun controls
– Fight against procedurally generated waves of increasing difficulty
– Improve throughout your run through dozens of upgrades
– Select your weapons from a wide choice of powerful balls
– Unlock new kind of Balls and try new strategies
– Compete for the High Score in the Online Leaderboards

Check out the official teaser video below.