Chef RPG Has Unveiled Its Release Date Along With a New Trailer

A Culinary Adventure Awaits in Chef RPG

The YouTube content creator Pixel Architect aka Noah has announced that his upcoming game, Chef RPG is launching on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac on September 12. Noah, a former architectural designer started this project with the help of several part-time team members for art, animation, writing, and music. The game has been under development for 4 years and had a successful Kickstarter Campaign in December 2021.

Additionally, the first trailer since the Kickstarter is finally out too. It showcases the brand new gameplay, completely overhauled art, and a peek into the main story. Check it out right below.

In Chef RPG, you will craft your culinary adventure in a beautiful pixel art world. The game draws heavy inspiration from Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape, and other titles like Stardew Valley, Restaurant City, and Habbo Hotel. Its main objective is to reinvent the cooking genre by adding world exploration and ingredient gathering. As well as integrating social and slice-of-life gameplay seen in games like Stardew Valley.

The game is an open-ended RPG where players can master the culinary arts and create the most delicious dishes for their customers. Or they can also choose to become a brave adventurer and impress their customers with rare ingredients. Or perhaps create a network of friends and grow their business through marketing and charisma.