Critter Crops Has Unveiled Its New Release Date

Time to Harvest in Critter Crops

SkyReach Studio and publisher have announced the new release date for Critter Crops. Previously planned for 15th April, this cozy farming simulator will be launching on Steam on 22 July 2024. This additional time has given the development team to polish Mutter Island. Now, it’s almost time to harvest some good old crops and experience cozy vibes.

Critter Crops

Critter Crops is an engaging farming simulator RPG set in a vibrant, enchanting world. Players join the young witch Sylvia on her magical journey after she is expelled from her hometown for her extraordinary powers. She arrives at Mutter Island, discovering a land full of mystery and in dire need of restoration.

Sylvia can also cultivate magical critter crops to help restore the land to its former glory. Each crop has unique magical properties, from healing herbs to elemental plants and elusive creatures. Explore an isometric world brimming with lush landscapes, mystical forests, and ancient ruins.

She will encounter a variety of whimsical creatures, both friendly and mischievous, that inhabit the island. Some will assist her in her quest, while others will present challenges that demand clever solutions and magical skills. The game boasts a captivating storyline in which Sylvia unravels the island’s mysteries while tending to her crops. The seamless integration of RPG elements with farming management enables players to personalize and expand their farms to their heart’s content.